Good design is based on thorough research. Our designs reflect the values and aesthetics of your brand.

Whether you're starting out with something new, or updating and revitalizing the web presence of an existing brand, Infinite Web can help you achieve your goals.

Over the years, we’ve have established and refined our web design process to ensure that every website we produce satisfies aesthetic and functional requirements. While we provide guidance and enforce good design conventions, our designs are always the result of continuous client involvement.

During 2018 and 2019, in Ireland, there as a 50% increase in the number of website visitors using their mobile phones to make online purchases. More than 50% of the visitors to your site will be viewing it on either a phone or a tablet. For this reason, we advocate a "mobile-first" approach to design. This ensures cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility and maximizes the usability of your site.

Our web development process is designed to ensure all of our clients' unique needs are satisfied.

Our development methodology is divided into distinct phases:

  • Requirements Discovery
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Launch

During the requirements discovery phase, we discuss all of the business goals that the site needs to achieve. We also capture the functional requirements for both customer and administrators.

Design phase: we develop a series of prototypes that establishes and refines functionality. We confer with the client to make sure we're on the right track.

The advanced prototypes serve as the basis for the finalized implementation. As with the previous phases, we're continually communicating with the client.

While every aspect of the application is incrementally tested during the implementation phase, the final product is subject a rigorous QA process to ensure cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility.

Finally the verified site is launched and post-launch testing carried out.



We provide hosting services for a wide variety of clients, ranging from very large, heavily-trafficked e-commerce sites through to sites for small and medium enterprises. Whatever your hosting requirements, we can provide a tailored solution for your business.

Hosting can be a source of anxiety for website owners – quota usage alerts, security patches, service renewals, etc. can be overwhelming. Infinite Web’s hosting is focussed upon delivering a convenient and secure service.

We’ll help the client determine their hosting requirements – platform, security considerations, resources etc.

  • We’ll take care of the site migrations to our servers if required
  • We’ll implement security measures on your site as required (e.g. SSL certificates etc.)
  • We can provide Continuous Data Protection (CDP) in the form of daily backups
  • We’ll be available to provide same-day support in the event that you encounter an issue with your site

We provide ongoing website support for clients, ensuring their sites are backed up and error free. Site owners can rest assured that our team will proactively manage and secure their online presence.

Depending upon your business' requirements, we can arrange a support plan for your ongoing needs.

We're never more than a phone call or email away and we provide support in the following areas:

  • Website upgrades
  • Website fixes
  • Security alerts
  • General website queries and advice
  • Performance optimization



Whether you're starting out or scaling up, the vast array of options and tools available can be daunting.

  • What social media channels are you going to use?
  • Who are you targeting, and why?
  • What is your message to target audiences?
  • How does it all tie together to improve conversion rate (i.e improve your ROI)?

The fundamental starting point is understanding your target audience. We'll help you to build a series of "buyer personas". These are realistic models that will help us understand what motivates your prospective customers and will inform every other aspect of your digital strategy.

We'll evaluate your established digital marketing approach (if you have one) by auditing your website and social media channels. We'll determine what needs to be done to establish a coherent digital sales funnel (I.e. the process by which your target audiences discover, consider and eventually purchase your product or engage your services).